The project

Fidelity Suite

The FidelitySuite platform is a complete and totally free system for participation in the loyalty point circuit.
The system allows private sellers and commercial businesses to take advantage of the many services available, to improve their sales skills, to increase turnover by reaching new potential customers.

The hybrid system consists of two tokens that work in full harmony:

SCT: the token used to manage the loyalty points issued by merchants.
STK: the token used by sellers and users for services and activities within the platform.

With over 80 thousand feedbacks and 2 years of planning, TheSuite platform can offer a wide range of services

For sellers

For users

For crypto-users

– free geolocation for all members of the circuit
– creation and free management of personalized showcases for the presentation of their products
– earn STK daily using the app
– creation and free management of discount coupons to be gift to users
– video marketing and banner(using the STK) to promote your products
– become SuiteAngel (**) to make the best use of the referral plan
– distribute and accept SCT loyalty points
– request the cash back of the loyalty points (0,05euro / SCT)

– earn STK daily using the app
– free use of discounts and vouchers throughout the circuit
– upgrade, through STK, of the VIP membership to access exclusive conditions in our circuit
– free use of SCT to request articles and services on the platform
– earn STK by answering questionnaires and surveys
– become SuiteAngel (**) to make the best use of the referral plan
– transfer their SCT points between users for greater use of the same

– purchase STK tokens on exchanges and use it in our circuit
– earn STK daily using the app
– to be rewarded annually with SCT loyalty points based on the STK tokens owned in the platform

**To get the SuiteAngel status read  this guide


Our strenghts


Allows business can create its own loyalty program, without registration fees, with the opportunity to reach new potential customers and the possibility of offering to its customers multiple tools for using the points collected


Allows each user to be able to transfer the collected SCT to another user. This allows you to spend the balance collected in the best possible way within the circuit or in participating establishments


To reward the loyalty of all STK investors and owners, and to continuously strengthen Suites in the global market,periodically, SCTs will be distributed in proportion to the STK held by each user.


Main features


The combination of the STK token and SCT tokens will allow the blockchain-based hybrid system an application in the real market: SCT stability for the “loyalty point” and STK integrated into the system with specific services and events dedicated to investors and crypto users.


Through the daily and constant use of the Fidelity Suite platform, SCT will be collected and transformed into money delivered to a non-profit organization.


Ability to integrate any app to the platform in order to create mutual synergies. Just as an example: green apps or survey software.


Platinum, Gold, Silver are the qualifications that allow you to obtain advantages in requesting products and services within the platform and to participate in exclusive events. It is also possible to acquire status by investing in the project with the purchase of STK.


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Suite Angel

Who are the "Suite Angel"?

Any user or business registered on the "Fidelity Suite" platform can join the Suite Angel team.
Each Suite Angel has the mission spreading knowledge of the platform and the consequent increase the number of registrations.

In exchange for your commitment, you will receive in SCT, for LIFETIME and on all transactions made by members linked to your invitation, a portion of the fees:

20% of the fees of invited friends
20% of all services purchased from the stores or vendors presented

Earned SCT can be used in the platform circuit or have cashback

Until the official release version 1.0 of the platform scheduled for May 2020, join to the Suite Angel Team will be completely free.

Become an Suite Angel