The Suite uses Blockchain Technology to decentralize the economy of Loyalty Cards.

The Suite is a platform where users can accumulate loyalty points in a single account, simplifying the process and making obsolete the countless Loyalty Cards on the market. 


Our strenghts


It allows each user who owns a fidelity card and the commercial activities to continue to make a single collection in a transparent and simple way, thanks to the stability of SCT token. A reliable system accompanied by a worldwide spread of the cryptocurrency market.

Monthly Airdrop

To reward the loyalty of investors, of STK holders and for a continuous strengthening of The Suite in the global market, starting from the first company statements and with a monthly frequency, SCT tokens will be distributed free of charge to the shops and to the platform.

More services

A wide range of services, goods, affiliated shops. Suite will revolutionize the concept of “loyalty rewards” in the fidelity card market, making it possible to request, by converting SCT, really useful services (like insurance, medical care, giftcards, parking lots and many services for daily use). 


Main features


The combination of the STK token and SCT tokens will allow the blockchain-based hybrid system an application in the real market: SCT stability for the “loyalty point” and STK integrated into the system with specific services and events dedicated to investors and crypto users.


The acquisition of infrastructures owned by The Suite the project will ensure a solid economic and business security and will immediately allow the use and distribution of SCT in the real-life market. 


It will be possible for anyone with a crypto-based project to integrate their services on the Suite platform. 

The spread of crypto will increase in daily use. 


The Suite platform will be full of innovative services and never offered in the fidelity card market. The simplicity of its design will favor the discovery of the crypto to new users and the choice of specific services for already experienced users. 

The project

Fidelity Suite

FidelitySuite is a platform where you can accumulate loyalty points from participating stores and hypermarkets (without the need to have multiple cards) and convert them into services or cash through the SuiteCredit (SCT) and STK token.

STK is the official crypto currency of Suite. Conversion of tokens will be possible into the exchanges and listing agreements are underway. In any case it will be possibile to convert tokens into decentralized exchanges. 


Road Map

Q1-Q2 2018
  • Project analysis
Q3 2018
  • Whitepaper ( English, Italian)
  • Creation of the Token Sale ICO website (English, Italian)
Q4 2018
  • Launching of the Token Sale ICO site
  • Private sale (great investors and entrepreneurs)
  • Business development: Eurozone
  • Whitepaper (Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic)
Q1 2019
  • Pre-ICO
  • FidelitySuite platform prototype and APP
  • Research of businesses and properties to acquire as corporate legacy
Q2 2019
  • ICO
Q3 2019
  • Token distribution
  • Creation of the society
  • Acquisition of businesses and properties as corporate legacy
  • Beta release ver.1- FidelitySuite platform
  • Beta release ver. 1- Suitecredit management APP
Q4 2019
  • Token listing in EXCHANGESs
  • Business expansion: the rest of the world
  • Release ver.2- FidelitySuite Platform and APP
Q1 2020
  • Masternode lunching: blockchain as service
Q2 2020
  • Partnership with other societies in order to integrate new platforms
  • Public REST API (Golang, NodeJs)
Q3 2020
  • FUTURE further services about Blockchain & fidelity cards at partner’s disposal.

Our team

Francesco Napoletano
CEO (co-founder) & Developer

Graduated in computer science,
developer in software companies for 12 years.
Users of the major programming languages ​​(Java, Python, PHP, VB, JS, Delphi).
For over 19 years in the trading and forex market.

Patrizia Amoruso
CFO & co-founder

Studies in economics and law.
For over 20 years auditor of business processes and management control.

Simone Di Francia
CIO - Co-founder Community Manager

Simone has been involved in Blockchain field since 2013. He is working for EthBits, creating token models for start-ups and managing various communities.

Roberto Bersezio

Legal at the Court of Turin, long experience in commercial and civil law.

Carlo Denaro
Developer & security expert

Passionate about technology, enthusiastic fan of the blockchain, frontend fullstack developer, researcher and developer in security

Cinzia Ronco

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Turin with a planning address
He later developed his great passion for photography and graphics.

Maria Sole Ferrero
Creative Director & web designer

Graduated in Advertising Communication at the European Institute of Design and specialized at the same institute in Visual Merchandising

Stefania De Lucia
Web Designer

Graduated at the European Institute of Design in Advertising Communication and specialized at the International School of Comics in Web Design.
The attention to detail and the care in all his work are essential and ensure that the communication and ideas created are effective and always center the goal.

Jan Emil Christiansen
Community manager

Microsoft developer and sysadmin for 17 years. Maersk, IBM, Insurance company.

I have joined a few strong blockchain teams to learn more about this exciting world.

Elia Esposito
Crypto360 CEO - Escrow

He embodies his most formative experience in the pioneer company of online trading in Italy – Directa Sim.

A journey of 15 years that sees him engaged in different areas of the company until arriving at relations with the Institutional. From 2014 he studies and finds new stimuli in the world of cryptocurrencies

Dario Moceri
Developer - CEO 0xlab.it

Technical and strategic consultant with elevated experience in the implementation, development and management of blockchain oriented solutions.
Despite his young age, he has already had the opportunity to confirm his professionalism by working with prestigious international companies.
It represents and coordinates the team in carrying out the activities.

Lalit Bansal
ICO STO advisor - Founder and CEO - EIY SYS - Director - Revinfotech

Entrepreneur, CEO, Top Advisor, Crypto Enthusiast, Blockchain expert, Investor, and Speaker. As a leading entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience, His mission is to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping start-ups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies.
Has attended various blockchain and crypto conferences in Russia, Miami, New York, Singapore, and Dubai.
Founder of eiysys.com and director in Revinfotech. Stand in top 30 ICO consultant/advisor of ICO bench and have extensive knowledge of ICO marketing, PR, and growth hacking.

Bharat Gandass
Influencer - Fintech

expert technology adviser for startups mainly in Blockchain and Security areas. I got Master’s degree in MBA with 13+ Years of rich industrial experience.
experience includes Linux systems and application programming spanning multiple platforms, network security product development, architectural design, solution frameworks and Blockchain.


Florian Rézeau
Mentor & Representative at Faster Capital

Guillaume Micouin

Quentin Herbrecht
Start-up Mentor & Representative at FasterCapital

Bryan Blaevoet
Directeur Marketing | ICO Advisor




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Frequent questions

SuiteToken (STK) are the Tokens realized for the project. They can be utilized to obtain discounts at retailers and at our online catalog. They are going to be present in soma exchanges and they’ll let you get SuiteCredits (SCT). Suitecredits (SCT) are credits that are distributed by retailers and they’re going to allow the conversion in prizes or services. SCTs have an established value and it’s not going to be possible to convert them on exchanges.

STKs are released exclusively during ICO phases and it’ll be possible to get them subsequently only by buying them on an authorized exchange. The SCTs can be obtained free in various ways: - Keeping our own STKs in the Wallet of the platform. Starting from the closure of the first results, you can take advantage of a monthly airdrop that will distribute SCT for free to use at all stores or on the platform. - Taking part at the numerous initiatives organized by Suite. - Utilizing the specific applications present in the app.

This system was developed analyzing the requests and the feedback of more than 80.000 between people and retailers. It’s worth noting that every Token has a well defined role inside the utilization process. The SCT Token, used for the distribution and utilization of loyalty points , lets the project be easy to use by all the people that use it usually in normal loyalty points collections. Also for those that don’t know the cryptocurrency market. The STK Token is going to be used exclusively by the investors and the owners, accompanied by SCTs or to get reserved benefits.

Starting from the closure of the first company data we will provide monthly to reward the loyalty of Token possessors by doing a Credits Airdrop. This distribution will be proportioned to our company data, the bigger the positivity of the data and the more the Credits will be distributed free. Every possessor of Tokens will receive credits in proportion to the owned quantity in the platform’s Wallet The credits obtained are usable everywhere in the Suite network or on the platform.

Every retailer that makes a loyalty points traditional collection has today a fixed price for the emission of well and goods in the moment of point redemption from the client. The Suite system, to not increment these costs even more, expects the sale of to-deliver Credits packages , that will become of property of the establishment; which will be able to release an arbitrary quantity of Credits desired for the required service. Any obligation on the Credits release with a predetermined value is not expected , to let every retailer to be fully autonomous about the decision. Meanwhile would you decide to not further distribute credits, the cashback of all or part of the owned credits can be requested. In the moment the service will be redeemed using the Credits, these will go back to the retailer; Who will decide if re-utilize them and re-insert them in the market or ask for liquid assets. This way, the commercial establishment will utilize the Suite loyalty point collection without aggravating the issue cost of the service. It’s possible to buy more to-distribute Credits package any time. Every retailer will be able to decide if have a private loyalty point collection, letting clients to accumulate and utilize the points only at the same retailer, or enter the global network and accept loyalty points from any establishment that compose it.

Thanks to the agreements with the various companies, the services to be used by redeeming loyalty points are innumerable. Our idea is to make all the loyalty points that until today are used for low-level awards, or that remain unused in the collection forms, useful. It will be possible to use loyalty points for home rent, for medical services, for insurance, for the largest gift cards available on the market and for dozens of services really useful to customers. Moreover, thanks to the agreement with many projects in the Crypto area, it will be possible to use loyalty points to convert them to all the real services in which the use of a cryptocurrency is required.

For merchants, Suite reserves many services dedicated to them. It will also be possible for the latter to take advantage of real services useful for their activity; such as the purchase of goods, insurance and much more. For the exercises involved, it will also be possible to accept cryptocurrencies. Using the app will be provided the opportunity for free advertising. It is possible to request a reserved session for free to advertise to all subscribers promotions and news that will take place at their own practice.

We believe that the project will have a remarkable impact in the global market, and that some of the benefits can be summarized as follow: The client will have more purchasing power since he will transform his own points, collected carrying out various daily activities, in useful and smart services. The retailer will be able to provide to his client an unprecedented loyalty point collection , but without giving up to the services that he was distributing up until that point. The goods and services providing company will have more market requests due to the achieving the required points to demand the services in a shorter time. The cryptocurrency market is going to become transparent on the real market by introducing all the dedicated services and by permitting the people to know the benefits by utilizing cryptocurrencies in services.

In the fidelity card market, competitors are very present. But the corporate and procedural structure of Suite makes the project unique and stable.
Some companies in the cryptocurrency sector have introduced a proprietary token for loyalty point management, making the process virtually useless for 95% of people.
Furthermore, being the market very variable, the commercial establishment is not guaranteed to recoup the money spent in the purchase. Suite, with its project, solves all these problems ensuring a stable and usable market for 100% of people.

   I declare that I have provided my personal data voluntarily, and before giving my consent I have read the information that is required in accordance with Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (European regulation 679/2016).
   I accept the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of The Suite and undertake to comply with them.
   I agree to the processing of my personal data by the Organizer of the event – The Suite S.R.L.S. – in order to register for the Event, including receiving e-mail messages regarding the Event. Providing data is voluntary but necessary for registration and participation in the Event. I am aware of the right of access to my data, the possibility of correcting it, and the demand to stop processing.

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