1st STK Tokensale contest is LIVE!

The 1st STK tokensale event is starting!

From today you can participate in the STK private sale, earn extra tokens and have a chance of winning the contest jackpot.

For every purchase, you will receive 5% extra STK tokens at the end of the contest.

At the same time for every 100 STK sold, 5 STK will be placed in the jackpot pool and distributed to the top 20 investors with the following criteria:

1st investor: 50% jackpot amount

2nd and 3rd: 15% jackpot amount each

4th-10th: 2% jackpot amount each

11th-20th: 0.6% jackpot amount each


Example: if soft cap is reached with 600.000$ raised (meaning 5M STK sold), then jackpot will be 250.000 STK and the above investors will win respectively: 125.000 STK, 37.500 STK, 5.000 STK, 1500 STK.


If you made multiple transactions, the amount will be summed up. The contest will end at 5th April 2019 at 23.59 GMT.


Note: we also just announced the “Private Sale Refund Agreement” for being refunded if price will be lower than 0.12$ after one year from listing. See this blog post for more details: https://www.fidelitysuite.com/announcing-the-stk-refund-agreement/

Note: you may also take advantage of our Referral system and earn extra 5% STK for inviting friends.


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Kind  Regards,

The Suite Team.

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