The Suite’s partnership with Treedom

The Suite has just established a partnership with Treedom for implementing Treedom’s services into The Suite’s ecosystem.

What is Treedom?

Treedom is a platform that allows users to plant a tree remotely and follow it online.  Every tree has a dedicated web page, it’s geo-localized and shooted. From its foundation, Florence 2010, Treedom had planted more than 1 million trees within Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy. The trees are planted by local farmers and contribute to social, natural and economical kindness.

How Treedom has been implemented on The Suite?

We care about the eco-friendliness, and we will give access to Treedom’s services in various ways:

Users will be able to gift a tree to their friends/family/customers through SCTs directly from our web-app.

In addition the Suite is going to launch a promotion and users will be able to receive “Green Ticket” through eco-friendly services (Treedom and others will be part of this project) for contributing to the Earth’s environmental enhancement. Some Green tickets will be distributed to both users and merchants depending on their involvement with our green services.

In the Green Page will be showed all the available methods for receiving the Green Tickets, and will be possible to verify the geo-localization and status of every The Suite’s trees and see how much tickets are missing for the next tree purchase.

Users can join our dedicated newsletter for receiving news about The Suite’s social and environmental exposure.

Green Tickets will also be assigned through the purchase of STK, depending on the amount.

During The Suite’s prototyping phase, we haven’t forgot about the environment and the eco-sustainability, inserting virtual showcases, SCT points and digital coupons, for improving the eco-friendliness. We love our planet. Just preserve it!

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The Suite Team