The Suite Platform is officially online!

Waiting time is over and right now it’s the time for the official released of our application: Fidelity Suite.

Every user will be able to complete their profile, fill their personal data, shipping address and billing address in order to receive requested products.

It has been added the feature to search the Merchants signed up on The Suite and available near the user, and to apply a filter based on their category. Businesses will appear on the map with various colors, so users will be able to easily look forward Merchants that accept and distribute SCTs as a loyalty point and Merchants that accept coupons issued by The Suite.

Users can also visit the Merchant’s dedicated and virtual showcase, for seeing their catalogue, products, description and related promotional campaigns.

SCTs (1 SCT = 0,05€) can be bought easily inside the “Wallet” section through various payments methods, such as Credit Cards, Bank Transfer and Paypal. In addition, SCTs can be used for redeeming discount or products at Merchant’s store accepting SCT or at The Suite online catalogue (Gift Card, Smartphone, Gaming Console ecc). It has also been added the possibility to send SCT instantly to friends, in order to share loyalty points with the favorite contacts.

From today users can invite their friends via e-mail, referral link and invitation code. Users will receive a bonus by inviting their friends (You can see the list of all bonuses available here) and, if they are Suite Angel (see the dedicated page), they can also receive a percentage of the fee of their referrals (both friends and merchants).

STKs (1 STK = 1€) can be acquired/withdrawn inside the section “Wallet” and they can be bought through SCT, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer and Paypal. At the moment, every user can use their STKs for upgrading their accounts to one of the VIP memberships (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) and accessing exclusive promotions.

On the security field, users can activate the 2 Factor Authentication directly from the setting page.

Merchant Side

In addition to all the features listed above, Merchants can sign up their business activity on The Suite and pin it on the map of our new web-app, so local users will be able to easily find it.

Once the Business has been added and geo-localized, Merchants will be able to create their own virtual showcase with their products and services, and their related descriptions and promotional campaigns. This feature allows every Merchants to create easily and free their own showcase, giving one more instrument to your current customers and to retain the future customers loyalty.

In addition, Merchants can decide autonomously how to interact with The Suite, having the choice to distribute SCTs instantly to their customers as a loyalty point, to accept SCTs for allowing customers (current and future one) to receive products or discounts and/or to accept Coupons issued by The Suite (in the future even themselves and others).

STKs, in addition to memberships and access to the Suite Angel affiliation program, allows the Merchants to start an ad-hoc marketing campaign on The Suite. At the moment, Merchants can highlight their products with a single click, giving a boost to one of their products instead of another one.

In the future, The Suite will develop many more marketing strategies and services for the Merchants (visit the dedicated page for learning more about that).


For celebrating the official launch, there are many welcome bonuses available!

      • Users can receive up to 100 SCT (worth 5€) and 11€ on the card HYPE.
      • Merchants up to 100 STK (worth 100€), 100 SCT (worth 5€) and 11€ on the card HYPE.

You can discover all the bonus at this page. The page will be kept updated with all the ongoing promotions.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now, take advantage of the bonuses and discover The Suite!