Fidelity Suite: STK Airdrop started

For celebrating our official launch Fidelity Suite will have an airdrop, distributing up to 250,000 STK to our members.

Every participants will have the chance of receiving 25 STK tokens (about 6$) by performing easy social tasks:

1. Join our Official Telegram Group

2. Follow on Twitter and Retweet this tweet

3. Like our Facebook Page and share this post

4. Submit our Airdrop Form here

Airdrop Rules:

– Remain in our social (Twitter, Telegram, Facebook) till the end of the ICO
– Questions/spam/posts regarding the airdrop are prohibited on the Official Chat.
– For questions regarding the airdrop please use the Bounty Chat on Telegram ( )
– STK tokens will be sent out to all eligible participants after the end of the ICO
– NO KYC required


The maximum number of participants is 10.000 members, be fast or you may not find any spots left!

STK Airdrop will last till 31st December 2018.

*Fidelity Suite Team reserve the right to disqualify participants that use low quality accounts (such as fake accounts) or participants who try to cheat the airdrop.


Thank you for Supporting us,

Kind Regards,

The Suite Team

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