0xLab: Partnership Announcement

The Suite partnered with 0xLab for developing the most user-friendly and useful ICO dashboard for taking part during the STK Tokensale event.

Who is 0xLab?

0xLab is an Italian company that offers lot of blockchain services, aiming to become a point of interest for many enterprises and startups.
0xLab’s team have supported for many years the adoption and the spread of decentralized solutions based-on blockchain, offering personalized integrations for every projects.

The Dashboard

The Suite dashboard will allow you to join STK ICO, complete KYC procedures, check your balances (both STK and SCT), invite friends and keep track of referral bonus.
In addition investors will be able to check tokensale data whenever they want.

Soon The Suite Team will be ready to open the gates and allow users to whitelist officially their addresses for the STK tokensale, and to start the Private Sale phase on different rounds based on the registrations queue.

If you want to talk with us, feel free to join our telegram community and follow us on social Twitter and Facebook.

The Suite Team

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