Announcing Airdrop Rewards + Tokenomics improvements

We, The Suite team, are always working behind the scene and thinking on how to improve the Tokenomics with new features in order to be more user-friendly and taking in consideration user’s opinions. We finally came up with two changes to STK and SCT tokens:

The Team set the percentage of net profit to be shared among tokenholders at 30%.

This means that if Fidelity Suite products make a net profit of 10.000.000€, then 3.000.000€ will be shared through SCT to every tokenholders that will stake their STK on our platform/mobile app.

We believe that this percentage will help the growth of STK ecosystem, since supply is going to decrease and net profit to increase over time.

Staking STK will also add more benefits:

SCT monthly airdrops (as stated above 30% net profit)

Unlocking various VIP packages (Silver, Gold, Platinum)*

Access to exclusive VIP lotteries for winning precious prizes (such as holidays, cars, Smartphones..)

Free Lottery Tickets for Normal lotteries (gift cards, videogames..)

Extra offers and bonus when buying at The Suite’s marketplace

More offers/cashback when buying at dedicated merchants stores

Unlocking and accessing different add-ons services completely free or with discount.

*offers, cashback percentage, discount may vary based on membership or VIP status.

The second Tokenomics change refer to SCT tokens that will pass from fixed value of 0.05$ to 0.05€.

SCT from today will be backed up by Euros, granting as always liquidity to the overall The Suite’s ecosystem. International exchanges from foreign currencies will occur flawlessly and we are also working on providing the best deposit/withdrawals rates as possible on the market.

If you haven’t done it yet, we invite you to take a look at the MVP and share your thoughts on our socials:

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