Announcing the STK Refund Agreement

Dear Fidelity Suite Community,

The Suite team, after analyzing the ICO economic sphere, decided to bring its private sale to the next level and guarantee with a legal agreement the refund if our native token STK’s price will fall like many other blockchain projects out there.

STK private sale investors that will buy STK before the Soft Cap (fixed at 600.000$), will be eligible to receive the refund in case STK price will be lower that 0.12$ (private sale rate) after one year from our first exchange listing. The following “Private Sale Refund Agreement” will include only STK bought during private sale before reaching the soft cap.

In order to be eligible for the refund, investors must not to transfer the STK tokens purchased in another wallet and to keep them within the Fidelity Suite platform for a minimum time of one year from the listing in the first exchange. If investors fail to do so, they will lose the right of reimbursement in the event of an exchange rate lower than the purchase price.

If you have already invested or you are going to invest, then you have to sign the Agreement and send it to You will receive a reply if the procedure went well. We want to remember that you need to invest before the soft cap has been reached in order to be eligible to sign the “Private Sale Refund Agreement”.

You can find all the details and the “Private Sale Refund Agreement” here or under the documents section of our website


Note: 1st  STK tokensale contest has just started. Read the blog post here:


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Kind  Regards,

The Suite Team.

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