MVP is officially LIVE

Dear community,

The Suite Team is happy to announce that Fidelity Suite MVP has been officially released on our website and it’s already a working product.

From today users will be able to receive or buy SCT and use them for redeeming prizes on our platform. The Team is working on offering the most various and useful catalog as possible, trying to fit every user need.

If you don’t find a particular product and you would like to see it added on Fidelity Suite website, then feel free to reach us on telegram/email or just fill this form <-

Keep in mind that every SCT have a fixed value and is backed-up by Euros (1 SCT = 0.05€), so SCT price will not fluctuate over time and won’t be affected by any market conditions.

On the other side, merchants that would like to join and reserve a spot in the Fidelity Suite’s ecosystem can submit their stores / companies on our website. If you have a store and would like to arrange a talk, you may also fill this form and we will contact you.

Early merchants adopters will be rewarded with special promotions and agreements.

At last, Since we are at the early stages of our work, you are invited to check the platform at and reach us on socials for any questions or feedback.

We will be glad to hear your opinions about it and discuss about them.

Kind Regards,

The Suite Team

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