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Extra Point:

  • Do you want to become a SuiteAngel? Read this guide to understand the benefits it can offer you. You can receive SCT points for FREE and ALWAYS (to be converted on the HYPE card or used at participating vendors).
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Suite Angel

Who are the "Suite Angel"?

Any user or business registered on the "Fidelity Suite" platform can join the Suite Angel team.
Each Suite Angel has the mission spreading knowledge of the platform and the consequent increase the number of registrations.

In exchange for your commitment, you will receive in SCT, for LIFETIME and on all transactions made by members linked to your invitation, a portion of the fees:

20% of the fees of invited friends
20% of all services purchased from the stores or vendors presented

Earned SCT can be used in the platform circuit or have cashback

Until the official release version 1.0 of the platform scheduled for May 2020, join to the Suite Angel Team will be completely free.

Become an Suite Angel