The new era of loyalty programs

Fidelity Programs are the most effective way to search for new customers and fidelize the others.
The method is now known: customers, buying products from the seller, earn Fidelity Points that can be used to request items or services.

Currently there are countless fidelity programs: shopping centers, small shops, cinemas, e-commerce sites and much more. The experience becomes boring if you find yourself with multiple loyalty cards in the wallet, points close to expiration and unpublished prize catalogs.

FidelitySuite, through the application of Blockchain technology and its hybrid system (STK Tokens and SCT Credits), wants to revolutionize loyalty programs, making them more secure, practical and even more useful thanks to a vast catalog of awards.

In fact, FidelitySuite aims to collect, unify and convert most of the loyalty programs within its standardized, universal credit system (SCT), suitable for any commercial activity and customizable according to different business needs.
The entire FidelitySuite ecosystem will be accessible from a single mobile and desktop application, allowing users to keep track of their SCT balance and collect / use points in each participating merchant in a fast, intuitive and practical way.

In addition, users will have the possibility to use the SCTs in the online catalog, choosing from a wide range of products.
Are you looking for a particular product? Inside the online store will be present, among other things, also Gift Card for the most used e-commerce and the ability to convert the SCT in FIAT by transfer to your bank account.
Furthermore, in the FidelitySuite catalog there will also be services (medical care, insurance, parking and other) and the opportunity to pay the rent in affiliated facilities.

FidelitySuite says “STOP to forced useless awards and YES to really useful rewards!”

The counterpart of the hybrid system is the ERC-20 token: STK.
Users with STK tokens get more benefits, have access to exclusive events, get a VIP membership and receive a monthly SCT airdrop.
The Token Model, through the “indirect” BuyBack&Burn (see the whitepaper to learn more), was designed to make membership much more exclusive and valuable in the future.

Summing up, a VIP user: benefits major discounts at participating stores and the online store; receives a monthly SCT token airdrop and gets free tickets for the periodic draws on the FidelitySuite platform. You can also take part in VIP draws where you can win valuable prizes, trips and much more.

In conclusion FidelitySuite was designed to improve the loyalty program market and simplify the ejection and management of credits for both the trader and the end user.
The Blockchain and the cryptocurrency are entering the everyday and we are sure that the time has come to renew the market!

For more information about FidelitySuite you can reach us on the following channels:

Thanks for the attention,
The FidelitySuite Team

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